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  • CARB-Approved OEM & Aftermarket Catalytic Converters
  • Leading Brands: Magnaflow, Catco, Walker, and Miller
  • Technicians with 15-20 Years of Experience
  • Stop By Today for a Free Exhaust System Inspection
  • One-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Most Repairs

Guaranteed "Pass" on Smog When We Install a New Catalytic Converter

The Best Value for Catalytic Converter Repair/Replacement In/Near Montclair, Ontario, Chino, and Pomona, CA

Since 1986, Central Auto Repair & Mufflers has provided the Montclair, Ontario, Chino, and Pomona area with high quality, reasonably priced catalytic converter replacement services. Our skilled technicians bring 15 - 20 years of experience working with exhaust systems for tens of thousands of satisfied clients. With their level of expertise, they can be relied upon to perform reliable exhaust system inspections and repairs for the latest car makes and models, classic cars, sports cars, performance vehicles, restomods, and standard-size RVs. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service and much lower rates than most other large auto repair shops and dealerships in the Inland Empire.

Expert Catalytic Converter Installations with High-Quality OEM or Aftermarket Parts

Catalytic converters serve as your vehicle's primary emissions control that turns toxic gases into less harmful exhaust. A defective converter can cause poor performance, lower gas mileage, and release more pollutants. If we find that your catalytic converter is faulty or damaged, a new one will need to be installed. We carry a large inventory of CARB- approved, aftermarket and OEM catalytic converters from trusted brands, such as Magnaflow, Catco, Walker, and Miller. Our technicians are experienced with all types of stock and performance catalytic converters, and will make sure the right catalytic converter is installed correctly and efficiently into your vehicle. If your vehicle has a custom exhaust system, we also provide in-house welding services to accommodate the new converter.

Schedule Your Free Exhaust System Inspection or Catalytic Converter Replacement Today

As the Inland Empire's 1# Muffler Shop, we have the expertise and inventory to provide superior exhaust systems at competitive prices. Our service includes free "check engine light" scans and exhaust system inspections. We provide a one-year warranty on parts and labor and guarantee your vehicle passes smog following our catalytic converter replacement service. Most catalytic converters can be ordered and installed in less than a day.

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We Repair All Makes & Models

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Replaced my catalytic converter. I called for a quote and that's the price I paid. No hidden charges. Very honest and reliable. Great customer service! Highly recommended.

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