This place is awesome!!! Manuel straight piped my 47 Chevy perfectly!!! Bring your classic or daily driver here!!! Thanks tons for hooking me up with that perfect Bomb sound from my Chevy...

Gabriel B Via Google Review

Did a good welding and installation job. Customer friendly, respectful, and fast. Car sounds good, magnaflow exhaust with new black tip.

Tamir Askari Via Google Review

I called them to see if they would to an inspection of a used vehicle i was interested in buying and the owners brother (i later found out) Ray said sure it's not a big deal he would do it for free. I took this beat up 1990 LaForza 4x4 down there and the owner actually looked at it. All they did was look at the suspension and the trans and muffler to tell me how terribly shoddy the work was done on it and gave me a very rough estimate of how much just the suspension parts would be to repair! I was relieved I didn't have to pay them 99$ and wait an hour at some other mechanics! Such nice guys and the owner seemed super professional, like he REALLY knew what he was talking about; showing me all the shoddy work underneath. Thanks guys!

Tobach Nigh Via Google Review

Great pricea, professional service, quality work done quickly.

Scott Anderson Via Facebook Review

Recently got both of my mufflers deleted and replaced with steel straight pipes on my Lexus. They did an excellent job and did it real quick and done very professionally. Results turned out better than what I expected. This is the best muffler shop in town with good quotes. Please come here for any exhaust modifications please! You’ll enjoy the service and the results! 11/10

Samuel Flores Via Google Review

I've been going to CENTRAL AUTO REPAIR for 30 yrs. Not only do they do good work at a good price, they're honest and reliable. After taking my truck in for brake service, I was told my brake pads were fine - "just needed some fluid and adjustments". Their custom exhaust work fit like a glove, and sounds great. The owners are always there for personal service, so you never need to worry about being taken advantage of. I highly recommend CENTRAL AUTO REPAIR

Pete R., Rancho Cucamonga, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Great, friendly service. Great low price. Very fast I was in and out in 30 minutes without an appointment. Will definitely go back in the future.

J Harris Via Google Review

Had my sons civic exhaust worked ok n here..they did awesome work and fast... didnt try to rip me off like other shops... great help from the owner.

Eric E., Montebello, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Very professional, outstanding quality of the product. Custom exhaust exceeded my expectations. If you have any exhaust work that needs to be done on your car or truck, go see Ray. Awesome work guys thank you.

Pedro Alvarado Via Google Review

Good service and the best prices

Karlo Christian Zamudio Via Facebook Review

The best service at a great price. They really take the time to make sure you know what you want and understand what you'll be getting done to your vehicle.

Megan Davis Via Google Review

Honest, family owned/operated exhaust shop. True lifesavers!! My '06 Scion needed a catalytic converter replacement.. all previous quotes had been in the $1200-$1800 range. Not these guys! I was verbally quoted $350-$375... and that's the price I paid when I took my car in a week and a half later! No upsells, diagnostic fees, etc. The car was in & out within a few hrs, and I passed my smog the same day.

Work is guaranteed for 1 yr or 12,000 mi. Because of this shop I was able to repair my car and get a job. Thank You!!

Nicole Z., Rancho Cucamonga, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I got a referral from Pep Boys to this place. My catalytic converter was stolen and I needed one reinstalled. Instead of paying about $1300 for a whole new part alone, this shop had a weldable piece in stock and got it done for under $700 including tax. Owner Ray is real easy guy to work with and I am happy with the job.

Mark Atilano Via Google Review

very reasonable and very quick highly recommend

Mary Esparza Via Facebook Review

Manuel / Ray and his team at central auto repair and muffler are great people. They are very honest and look out for your best interest. They were super helpful, took care of my vehicle immediately and were very reasonable on price. Like someone else mentioned earlier , it’s very hard to find honest people like them these days who are patient and willing to help you out. Thanks again.

Jerry Caldera Via Google Review

Best place to install your catalitic or muffler or if you hear any noise from exhaust...afordable price too..

Salvador Villagomez Via Google Review

I came in thinking I needed to replace my catalytic converter and after speaking with the owner it turns out I didn't and my car passed the smog test 😄. I'm so thankful I came in and I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for a muffler shop with honest mechanics.

Guadalupe Monteon Via Google Review

Quick no nonsense work. Did exactly what I wanted and charged a very responsible price. Would definitely recommend this place to others.

Marco Duarte Via Google Review

These guys are great! They are very knowledgeable and efficient. They got the job done fast and within my budget.

Delci Stanisci Via Google Review

Manny was the guy who did the custom weld with the cutout. The craftsmanship is great and I was treated with friendly service. The owner is easy to talk to and the price was reasonable. There was no luxury tax to my Mercedes. 10 stars if I can give them that many.

Steve F., Glendale, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I always take my trucks to this man good service reasonable prices and a good warranty on their work and I have never needed it from a simple Muffler change to a complete exhaust system this is the One Stop Shop

al Castro Via Google Review

Replaced my catalytic converter. I called for a quote and that's the price I paid. No hidden charges. Very honest and reliable. Great customer service! Highly recommended.

Christina W., Ontario, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I shopped around and found this place Central Auto Repair & Mufflers.

They are very nice and extremely reasonably priced. They did an amazing job in a record time. I would like to strongly recommend them as their excellent workmanship and very reasonable price was a lot better than the others.

swift 88 Via Google Review

Great price on catalytic converters and very professional manager and very skilled technicians, very fast service, and very well done welding

Jessie Robles Via Google Review

Came here this morning to get some work done and couldn’t be any happier great customer service and owner is awesome great chat will definitely come again.

eddy zuniga Via Google Review

Excellent service provider and good price, fast, best of the best

Johnnie Ayoub Via Google Review

I really recommend this place ,very helpful and gave me other options regarding the work my car needed ...very honest and helpful my car was ready to pass the smog in no time!! Ask for Manny very honest man .

Lala P., Chino, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Did a great job putting my stock oem exhuast back on my car in short period time and price is good

Teggykid97 ! Via Google Review

I had Ray and his team replace my catalytic converter on my 2003 Nissan Altima about 10 years ago. They did a fantastic job! So when check engine light can on in my wife's Infinity and the dealer wanted to charge us $1,900.00 for each catalytic converter I knew I could get it done for much, much cheaper. Trying to convince my wife was going to be a problem because she doesn't trust anybody but the dealer to work on her car. But when she heard the quote for both converters Ray gave us she decided to give it a chance though she was still skeptical. Ray instructed us to go and pick up the parts ourselves from the dealer and he would just charge us for the labor (price was way below the dealers quote). It's been 3 months and the light is still off. These are truly a great group of guys and they are very, very honest. It's hard to find people like them these days. They get five stars plus my recommendation!

Thanks again Ray for your honesty great service.

Jonathan Walker Via Google Review

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